Recycled Santa Claus Ornaments

One important part of our holiday tradition are Christmas ornament and decors. It will cost you a lot when buying those ornaments in the market and needed careful storage are require. Unlike the recycled decor, you can also create unique and pretty decor for a fraction of the cost. Materials are made probably out of your house waste, not only an environmental friendly but will expose your creativity. Just a little patience to make, effort, originality and a lot of glue and paint. And one of these ornament are the recycled Santa Claus. Try it !

Santa Toilet Roll

Santa Light Bulb

Santa Fan Blade

Readers Digest Book Santa

Santa Wine Bottle

Santa Can

Santa Soda can

Santa Toilet Roll

Hinge Santa

Santa Light Bulb

Santa Lighted Bottle

Santa Bowling Pins

Santa Soda Can 

Santa Brush

Santa Busted Bulb

Santa Bottle Wine

Santa Bowling Pin

Penguin Christmas Ornament Tutorial

Pop plastic bottles to make adorable penguin Christmas ornaments 

Instructions :
1.) Two (2) liter pop plastic bottle (you can use smaller pop bottles to make smaller Penguins) you will cut through the top half of the plastic with a sharp knife of one of the pop bottle.

2.) Place the the one piece you just cut & place 2 pieces of pop bottle together.

3.) Use either hot glue gun or regular glue & glue the pieces together.

4.) Use White Gesso to cover the pop bottle.

5.) Draw with a black marker like in the photo #5.

6.) With Black Acrillic Paint paint around the outside of the belly line & bellow the bottle you glues on.

7.) Use whatever Acrillic paint color you want for your penguins hat for the base color.

8.) Chose another Acrillic color for the polka dots, snowflakes or stars you put on the hat.

9.) Paint 2 dots for the eyes in black paint & with orange paint make a small triangle for his/her nose.

10.) cut up new dish towel for scarves & cut ends to fringe. Tie the scarf around the neck.

11.) Use pom pom as a tassel & glue on hat.

Enjoy Your New Penguin Christmas Ornaments

Another Unique Christmas Decor Ideas

These unique Christmas home decoration ideas don't have to break the bank. Not only will add festive flair and cheer to any home ... but also add life on your holidays budget.

Old Car Tires

Christmas Tree Tie

Old Newspapers

Plastic Softdrinks Bottle

Beer in Cans

Used Plastic Spoon

Old Small Toys

Soda Can Carolers

Soda Can Santa Bears

Recycled Christmas Star Decorations

Transform a simple star using recycled materials into a spectacularly unique Christmas star decoration. Decorate your Christmas tree, doors and wall with these funky and good looking ornaments made from recycled waste materials and have a very eco friendly Christmas star decorations.

Plastic Spoon Star

Soda Straw

Beaded Wire

CD Star

Colored Yarn

Rolled Magazine Pages


Magazine Pages 

Paper Star

Plastic Soda Bottles

Colored Magazine Pages

Soda Can

Bamboo Stick

Colored Beads

Tin Star

Circuit Board


Book Pages

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